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All Driver Education programs require a contract signed by the parent or guardian for teens or adults 18 or over receiving the instruction. See the helpful links below for detailed explanations of necessary documents for Driver License Applicants and Road Testers:

TEEN DRIVERS ED   ($450 for 46 hour program)

ITEMS to bring (teen Drivers Ed) for enrollment and registration:

  1. Birth Certificate (official for name and birthdate confirmation)

  2. Social Security Card (in order to have another record of official name spelling)

  3. VOE (Verification Of Enrollment from your school is required to get your permit from DPS. You may wait until you make an appointment with DPS for this item that must be no more than 30 days old at the time of the permit appointment)​


32 hours of classroom instruction must be completed by the teen as part of the Core Program of Drivers Education Instruction in the State of Texas. The student is allowed to make up 10 hours of that instruction if absences become necessary during the program.  The first 6 hours of the classroom portion of instruction will consist of materials to help you pass the signs and laws exams necessary to receive your permit from the Texas DPS. 


New drivers need to call between 8am and 12 noon to schedule a drive time once they've been Permitted.  You are required to receive 7 hours behind-the-wheel instruction and complete 7 hours of observation with another driver and the instructor.


*See our Distance Learning page for more information on students more than an hour away, or for students who wish to do the classroom portion online because of scheduling conflicts.

Transferring teens are required to bring their Driver's permit (or Class C license) for behind-the-wheel instruction, along with the "Driver License Only" portion of the DE-964 from the school where they received their classroom instruction FULLY SIGNED AND EXECUTED BY THE TRANSFERRING TDLR APPROVED PARENT TAUGHT, PUBLIC, OR PRIVATE SCHOOL DRIVER EDUCATION TEACHER OR SUPERVISING TEACHER. The DE-964 must, per TDLR rules, indicate a transfer to "T & D Driving Academy--#C0207", along with the number of classroom hours completed. Note: It is possible to divide instruction between programs in two places: 1) between the 6 hours for permit and the remainder of the classroom and laboratory; or 2) between the 32 hours classroom and the 14 hours laboratory in-car instruction. Once 6 hours of the teen program is complete, a student may then register with T&D Driving Academy to complete either the remaining classroom hours and/or the laboratory portion of the teen Drivers Education Program with us. 

DRIVE ONLY INSTRUCTION FOR ADULTS (Call for rates by blocks):

Drive only for adults requires a signed contract and

valid permit.

Call us for registration and class dates.


Note about class times and laboratory in-car instruction:

Class times are from 6 to 8pm Monday through Thursday, for four weeks.  Drive times are to be scheduled with a T&D instructor once the 32 classroom portion of the course is completed.  Once the student has completed 6 hours of the course, has passed their signs and laws tests, and obtained a permit from the DPS, they may begin driving with a parent or other licensed driver over the age of 21 to practice and fill out their 30 hour logs required by the state of Texas for the Class C license for teens under 18. 


We recommend getting some behind-the-wheel experience prior to the student's first driving lesson, though not required, because each laboratory pass/fail lesson will require mastery skill level of assigned maneuvers in order to receive credit and move on to the next laboratory lesson.  As per TDLR rules, a student may repeat a lab assessment only three times before they must begin the course all over again.  Practice is key.  

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