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Desert Highway

Texas 3rd Party Road Test

We administer the Texas Road Test for the Department of Public Safety.  If you are needing to take a road test, give us a call to schedule a morning appointment through the week, or we can sometimes accommodate applicants who need to make afternoon appointments.  In order for us to administer a road test, every applicant must have the proper paperwork when they arrive at the school to be processed: 



1) a valid permit without holds or passed expiration*;

2) your "Drivers License Only" portion of the DE-964 (for teens under 18 yo) or a copy of your ADE-1317 (for adults 18 to 24 only) issued by the TDLR approved Drivers Education Program you completed; and

3) Your valid Impact Texas Teen (under 18 yo) or Young Adult (18 and over) Certificate of completion, signed by the student and parent/driving instructor (Texas Teen) or student (Young Adult18+).

*Drivers must present their Permit and hold it for at least six months (teen driver) or be an adult 18 or over to take the drivers test with a valid picture ID permit (receipts from DPS will not work). Use of one of our vehicles for the test is included in the price.

^See link below to register and complete the free Texas Impact Program.


Note: All non student teen and adult testers are recommended to take a trial Skills Test prior to the DL-40 road test for their Class C Driver License.

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Note: Impact Certificates are only good for ninety days...

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