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What's a Learner's Permit?

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Stuff you need to know:

What's a Learner's Permit?

Some of this you will have learned from us when you registered for our course, but we've added this section as a reference. In order to acquire your Class C Driver License in the state of Texas, you must first acquire a learner's permit, which is a restricted driver license that requires a licensed driver to be with you in the front seat while you drive.  Called a LOFS (Licensed Driver in the Front Seat) restricted license, it allows you to practice your driving skills, and gain the necessary experience you'll need to become a safe, cooperative driver on the roadways by the time you reach the legal age to drive, and have at least been driving for six months, and have a minimum of 44 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction (7 with a licensed instructor from T&D) on the roadways, and 7 hours of observation with a licensed T&D driving instructor. Yeah, we sort of want you to be proficient and safe by the time you get behind the wheel on your own!

How do I get my Learner's Permit?

You'll be getting a lot more detail in this module under the Laws section of the course, but we can go through most of the process now. To get your Learner's Permit, you must collect all of the following items and sub-items, and then complete the necessary steps with your DPS Office.  Now that you are enrolled with T&D Driving Academy, you're well on your way to getting your driver license: 

1.  You have to be at least 15-years-old;

2.  Be enrolled in or have completed a teen driver education course through an institution or online program licensed and approved by the Texas Department of License and Regulation (which you now are!);

3.  You must complete an application (DPS Form 14bLinks to an external site.) and submit it to a DPS Office along with the items below:

a. A primary form of ID, or two forms of secondary identification (e.g., social security card and birth certificate), or one form of secondary ID, along with two forms of tertiary ID (e.g., a report card and passport).  Further explanations of these Identification forms and required document are found at the DPS website HERELinks to an external site..

b. Two proofs of state residency (e.g., a utility bill or rent or mortgage payment);

c.  A Verification of EnrollmentLinks to an external site. form signed by your school administrator.  The link will take you to the most updated form, although your school may be using a different version of the form in their office, where you'll get it. 

4.  Pass the written exam in this course to receive a DE-964 (the Green Sheet) from T&D Driving Academy. This is a state form certifying that you are enrolled in our driver education course and have passed the written exam on Signs and Law in the State of Texas.

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Where and when do I take my written test?

Once you've completed all of Modules One and Two, you'll be able to take the written test located in a separate Module Three.  Once you've completed your written test and passed it, you'll be prompted to come in to T&D Driving Academy's office to get your DE-964.  We'll make sure you have all of your paperwork so you can set up your appointment with the DPS to get all of it processed through the state and get your Learner's Permit.  

When can I start actually driving?

Hopefully, you'll start driving with your parents or another licensed driver to start building on your driving skills as soon as you get your learner's permit from the DPS office!  Don't hop in the car behind the wheel, though, until the DPS issues your permit.  The written test is your ticket to the DPS, but it's not your permit.  Remember, baby steps!  We'll think more about actually driving in Module Four's introduction.  We'll have some tips for you and your parents and whoever else will be brave enough to sit in the passenger's seat while you're in the cockpit!

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